Monday, February 12, 2007

Ups and Downs

Well... this day wasn't as good as yesterday. They think he has an infection again. His blood pressure was really low, he was pale, and not moving. So, they started him on antibiotics, took more blood and some other tests. They also gave him some liquid volume. He looked much better after that, even opened his eyes for me! :) I could tell he just didn't feel good. I saw him right after work and he looked ok. When I went back he wasn't moving at all. I hate moments like that. I walk in and the nurse has to tell me bad news and I have to see him hurting. It seems like I'm always alone when that happens.
I'm also having a hard time with the doctor situation. I had requested if we could switch to another doctor that we really like. He informs us often and has a more aggressive approach of treatment. Anyway, I can never get a straight answer as to if we can switch. I found out tonight that he is leaving in a month. So, I don't know what we're going to do. Just keep praying that we'll hear everything we need to hear from his doctor and that God will guide her as to what to do.


Gina said...

Praying hard guys! I'm updating the group on Facebook with your most recent updates. Know that we are 190 strong in number and we are all praying hard for all of you! Much love!


Gina said...

One of the members of the group on Facebook sent me this message today so I thought I would share it with you guys! Know that we are all praying! This group is now 210 strong in number...all praying hard! I'm doing my best to keep them updated once you guys post something...

Message from LaTonya Cleveland (UGA)
Today at 12:00 am
From: LaTonya Cleveland (UGA)
To: Gina Kurtz
Subject: hey
Message: I seen the "pray for baby Noah." We serve such an awsome God. I was compelled to pray for this child tonight. My spirit feels so good, knowing how awsome God is. He is more then willing and able to do all things! Blessings!