Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Big Baby

Sorry we haven't posted in a few days. We've been busy! :)
Well, Noah is now on a C-pap, which is a mask on his nose that blows oxygen in. He doesn't have the tube in his throat anymore! He is eating a lot, 7ml every 3 hours and taking it well.
We were standing there when the nurse was changing his diaper tonight. Once she took it off, she said, "oh! a hernia." The respiratory therapist said, "oh yeah, it's been there, it does look bigger now." Steven and I both had a look of complete shock and/or horror on our faces. So, the nurse immediately calmed us down by saying it was normal (we hear that a lot) and that it could go away or they can fix it. They wouldn't repair until he is ready to come home. However, if it caused complications, they would have to repair it immediately. Another thing to pray about. (and of course worry)
We did get the opportunity to hear him cry for the first time and see his cute little face with no breathing tube. He is THE cutest baby I have ever seen! :)
He had a brain scan today but we won't know the results until the doctor can read it. I'm calling tomorrow morning to talk to a doctor about it and ask about the hernia. Hopefully there will be a doctor available to talk to!
Thanks again for your continued prayers. And thanks for all of the posts! We love to read them!


Joseph said...

What a looker! :)

gran&ellen said...

He is so precious. We love you little Noah,

Annie said...

There is no need to worry. God has little Noah in his hands. Prayers are being said by so many people.

Cath said...

Sounds like he's doing awesome. You go little man!

Rachel White said...

I can't wait to squeeze those little cheeks!! :) Keep on truckin' Noah!!!

Auntie Judy said...

What a precious little guy! He has touched the hearts of people all over the country. God is good! Love to all of you, Auntie Judy