Friday, February 16, 2007

Weight: 2lb, .2oz

Noah is doing fine. He's eating again. 5ml every 3 hours to start off. His oxygen is improving and the antibiotics they gave him are helping a lot. He's getting so much bigger! I love to just look at him. He's also opening his eyes more these days. As I was singing to him last night he was looking at me. He's so cute! :)
When we were there tonight he was really fussy. After a bit he started getting really mad. So, the respiratory therapist came and suctioned his lungs. He was very calm after that. The nurse said it was good that he is getting that stuff out of his lungs.
That is about all that's happening right now. Please be patient with our posts, we are soooo busy! Thanks for your continuous prayers!


Dan said...

Jen, you need to get that boy some Mazzio pizza and let him play some Halo. That will put the pounds on him. I know 'cause it worked on his dad!
Seriously, we're continuing to pray. I'm thankful for a loving, caring heavenly Father!
PS-How about an update on Noah's weight - when you can?

Jenny (Mom) said...

Haha, that's funny. Steven was impressed by your comment when I read it to him.
Thank you for your prayers! It means so much to us.

ps. he weighs 2lb, .2 oz. But, they're going to weigh him tomorrow so I'm sure he'll weigh more!

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

Hmm, it cut the index.html off, just go here...

I suppose this will also be the website for any future pictures Uncle Joe takes :)