Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Noah is doing better. The sample from the spinal tap has not grown anything, and it's been 48 hours. They are giving him real milk again, in a bottle! I was able to feed him last night and tonight. He drank the whole bottle tonight! He's off of the c-pap. Thank you for your prayers! They worked, once again.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Under the Weather

Please keep Noah in your prayers. He has developed an infection again, Strep B. Right now he is in an isolated area. We have to wear gowns and gloves. They are giving him antibiotics, three of them. He has a pic-line in his head. Which is like an IV, it's just a really long tube they thread through a vein. He also has another IV in his foot. He seems to be doing ok, except he is grumpy because they stopped feedings yesterday. The doctor wants to do a spinal tap on Monday to make sure that he does not have meningitis. He is also on the C-pap again.
Strep B is usually carried by the mother and transfered to the baby. Since he is premature, they are testing my milk that he is drinking to see if he got it from there. There is also another baby in the unit that has it, but the doctor said it is VERY rare for it to be transfered there. So, we will see how things go.
Thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There are more pictures to look at. Just click on the album that says "Noah's first days" to the left.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Pictures

Noah weighs 3lbs and 2.7oz! He is doing really well these days. They are going to try to take him off the c-pap his week. He's been pulling it off today and he did fine without it. He was just on a t-bar when I was holding him.
The ophthalmologist looked at his eyes on Friday. He didn't put any notes in the chart so that means his eyes looked good. All of the nurses say he usually calls if there are any problems.
He's eating well, almost an ounce.
He got a bath tonight. He was screamin'. :) But he calmed down once we got to hold him. He's such a sweet baby.
God really did a miracle through him. I was just thinking about the day I called my boss and told her the doctor said he wasn't going to make it. She said, "we're not going to believe that." It's amazing how He can put such an awesome support group in your life when you need it. God is just so smart! :)
Well, here is a link to some pics. Some are from a few weeks ago and some are from Sat.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Almost There

He now weighs 2lbs 15.2oz. Only .(point) 8oz away from being 3lbs! Yay! They took him off the c-pap yesterday at noon, but put him back on tonight because he wasn't ready. But we were able to hold him for a while with just the canula (the regular oxygen t-bar everyone is familiar with). Tonight he had has eyes open for the longest we've ever seen them! He's so beautiful. He also moved to the other side of the NICU. The area he is in now is for babies that do not need "acute" care. So, he's doing great! :)

Monday, March 5, 2007


Well, today was a pretty eventful day for Noah. The first time we visited, we discovered that his diaper had sprung a leak all over his onsie and blankets, so I got to help change his clothes and bedding. Then we realized that he had pulled his feeding tube out. Which wasn't the first time. The respiratory therapist said he pulled it out about four times yesterday. While she was changing is tube, we were able to see him without all of the tubes and hat on. He's getting cuter every day!
The second time we came back with Grandma and Grandpa. Then, I got to hold him. :) We are able to hold him every day, for the most part. He's doing really well. His oxygen is good and he's still eating. He's 2lbs and 10oz.
Noah's neighbor is going to have surgery this week. When I was talking to his mom, she was telling me that before he was born, she had kind of strayed away from God and was wondering where He was in her life. After all of the events with her son, she had become closer to Him. She said that so many people were there for her, and that had an influence. The same pastor that prayed for Noah also visits them. (my friend's pastor) He also made an impact on that family. It is awesome what God can do. Like I said when Noah was born, God will be glorified, and he has.