Monday, March 5, 2007


Well, today was a pretty eventful day for Noah. The first time we visited, we discovered that his diaper had sprung a leak all over his onsie and blankets, so I got to help change his clothes and bedding. Then we realized that he had pulled his feeding tube out. Which wasn't the first time. The respiratory therapist said he pulled it out about four times yesterday. While she was changing is tube, we were able to see him without all of the tubes and hat on. He's getting cuter every day!
The second time we came back with Grandma and Grandpa. Then, I got to hold him. :) We are able to hold him every day, for the most part. He's doing really well. His oxygen is good and he's still eating. He's 2lbs and 10oz.
Noah's neighbor is going to have surgery this week. When I was talking to his mom, she was telling me that before he was born, she had kind of strayed away from God and was wondering where He was in her life. After all of the events with her son, she had become closer to Him. She said that so many people were there for her, and that had an influence. The same pastor that prayed for Noah also visits them. (my friend's pastor) He also made an impact on that family. It is awesome what God can do. Like I said when Noah was born, God will be glorified, and he has.


Annie said...

Oh I have such a beautiful grandson. Takes after his Mom and dad.

Love Grandma Ann

Rachel White said...

We like chubby!!

FernandoDownUnder said...

Woo-hoo on the weight gain Noah! He's a missionary already, his life coming early has already influenced others! That's just great!

Cath said...

So Pleased he's doing well!

Hailee K. said...

thank you for alittle good news but next door thats sad that he has to have serjary.