Friday, March 23, 2007

Under the Weather

Please keep Noah in your prayers. He has developed an infection again, Strep B. Right now he is in an isolated area. We have to wear gowns and gloves. They are giving him antibiotics, three of them. He has a pic-line in his head. Which is like an IV, it's just a really long tube they thread through a vein. He also has another IV in his foot. He seems to be doing ok, except he is grumpy because they stopped feedings yesterday. The doctor wants to do a spinal tap on Monday to make sure that he does not have meningitis. He is also on the C-pap again.
Strep B is usually carried by the mother and transfered to the baby. Since he is premature, they are testing my milk that he is drinking to see if he got it from there. There is also another baby in the unit that has it, but the doctor said it is VERY rare for it to be transfered there. So, we will see how things go.
Thanks for your prayers!


Annie said...

Jenny and Steven,
I have been sitting here this morning and reading all of the past Noah stories and the prayers and comments that family and friends have made, and saying my own heartfelt prayers for a beautiful little family. A family that has weathered a storm of so many obstacles. In reading those stories that I came to realize that God answered all our prayers and will continue to do so. Just know that there will be many prayers said for Noah while he undergoes a Spinal Tap on Monday and that he will be in Gods arms the whole time. Love, Grandma Ann

Hailee K. said...

hope he gets better soon!!!

Rachel White said...

We're praying hard this morning!!