Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Count our blessings.

Noah is doing well. Our favorite doctor told us we should count our blessings because out of all of the babies in the NICU with a bleed, Noah is doing the best! He’s eating well again. His oxygen level is still pretty high but they want him to come down on his own, no help from steroids. So, we have to help as much as we can to be comfortable. When he gets upset, he starts to desat, which in turn causes him to need more oxygen. Here is a link that pretty much explains the protocol on what the protocol is we are supposed to follow.

I know many want to see him. Please understand that we are trying to do what’s best for him so he can come home healthy and healed! Then we can all hold him and squeeze him all of the time! (after mom and dad, of course! J ) He can still have visitors, but not often. We’ll keep taking pictures though!

Thank you for your prayers!


Annie said...

Jenny and Steven,

Thank you for sharing such an interesting article. It should help people to understand why you want to keep the visits to a minimum. I have had the opportunity at least once a day to tell someone new of the miracle of Noah. It is a great opportunity to tesitfy to the greatness of God and prayers. Love Grandma Ann

Gina said...

I wanted to share a message with you that was sent by one of the members of Noah's prayer group on Facebook. I think it is so awesome that there are so many strangers (251 members of the group now) out there who are coming together to pray for this little one! The person who sent this is actually a friend of mine from high school...

Message from Rob Irvin (UGA)
Today at 12:12 am
From: Rob Irvin (UGA)
To: Gina Gearhart Kurtz
Subject: Question regarding Noah
Message: Hey REGINA,
Yes, I haven't forgotten your real name. I was just looking at Noah's discussion board. I've been in the group, but I haven't looked at it a lot. I was writing because I was wondering if Noah ever needs platelets. I donate more platelets than anyone under the age of 35 in the nation. I donate every 10 days (that's the minimum time required to wait) and I have the choice of sending them to a direct subject (in this case Noah). I'm not sure if you are aware, but blood is much more easy to come by. Since I have an extreme amount, I do double platelets; it takes about 25 pints of blood from others to get the amount I donate each time. One of the reasons why I never get sick is because I have such a high count. Two other reasons they are so hard to come by is because for one hardly anybody donates them directly and second because they can only be stored for a few days (whole blood can be over 30). Let me know if I can help.

Without Exception,
Rob Irvin

Please let me know if you want me to put the you guys in contact with each other, especially if there is a potential that this could be something that Noah might need! Know that you are all 3 in our thoughts and prayers!