Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prayer Works

Last night I was upset about it being so noisy in the NICU, and frustrated that I couldn't get a straight answer about his head ultrasound. So, when I came home, I prayed about it. I prayed this morning that his lungs would grow strong so they would put him in an isolette, also known as an incubator. It is quieter for him and would allow to him to rest easier. One of the nurses said he would be in one when he got off the ventilator. This afternoon when I walked in to see Noah, he was in an isolette! He wasn't off the ventilator, but that's ok. Now he will be able to rest easier.
He is throwing up his food every now and then. While he was doing it today, he pulled his feeding tube out. He's feisty!
My friend Jessica's pastor came to pray for him tonight. I was very thankful for that. I could feel God's power moving while we were praying.
Oh, the nurse practitioner talked to us about his brain scan. She said it was stable, no dilation of the ventricles, and no fluid except for residue. So that's good!
Well, I could type more but I'm so tired! Thank you for your continuous prayers!

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Rachel White said...

Yay for the isolette and resting easier! Get some rest mom & dad, it will help him rest easier too! :)