Thursday, February 1, 2007

Good Day

The nurse said he had a good day today. The doctor called again to just give me an update. He said his lungs are still not where he wants them to be. They're going to do another x-ray on them tomorrow. They did other tests to check his bones, liver, kidneys, etc... and the doctor said they came back great. He said he is focusing on his bleed and his lungs. I like this doctor. He is filling in for the other doctor while she is on vacation. But, he seems like he is more aggressive in his treatment and really wants to get him better. So, I talked to the social worker that helps parents of preemies and asked her if we could switch. She really understood but wasn't quite sure it was possible. However, she said she would talk to him and see. I pray we will be able to switch.
I went back to work this week. I was glad to be back. Everyone there is very helpful, they are a blessing.
Noah gained 1/2 an oz since Sunday. He's getting fatter! The doctor wants to start feeding him more.
He really is doing well, I just have to remember that it is going to take time for him to be a "normal" baby.


Rachel White said...

Keep on fighting, Noah!!

Dan said...

Steven & Jen, thank you for these continuing updates. Everyday I log in to see how Noah is doing. And everyday I thank God for this miracle! I know you have good and bad days - just like Noah does. Remember God is faithful in your good days and in your bad days!
You are constantly in my prayers!

Lisa*Phil said...

Freakin Adorable, oh my goodness. I can't wait till I can hold him.. so precious. The girls are already wanting to see him. Phil says he's really cute, but the OSU hat, has to go. Hope you all are doing well.. give us a call sometime. You are in our prayers. Lisa

Cath said...

Hope everything is ok

Paul said...

Congrats jenny. I sure glad things look like there are going to be ok. I am sure with that good Stockton blood Noah will pull through this just fine.

Paul Hagen
Moorhead, MN