Saturday, February 10, 2007


Our new nickname for Noah is "squeaker." No, not really. When he tries to cry he squeeks. It really sounds cute. We heard him sneeze for the first time yesterday. It's funny how you find joy in the smallest things.
I know the picture is blurry. We were just so amazed at how big he is getting. I had to ask the nurse if there was anything wrong with his belly because I thought it was so much bigger than the day before! But nothing was wrong, he's just eating and getting stronger.
Everything is going well so far. He's eating 12ml, 3 times a day. His head isn't getting bigger and he's still not showing signs that the hydrocephalus is bothering him. I pray that he keeps getting stronger and healthier!!

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Joseph said...

I find myself praying several times each day for Noah, my sister and new brother (Steven). No matter how hard or how often I pray, I still feel deep in my heart that God is telling me everything will be okay. I imagine Christmas with Noah staring intently at Mom's Christmas tree, and I know for certain my camera will be totally warn out because of the little "squeaker."