Friday, February 23, 2007

He pulled his breathing tube out today. So, they put him on the c-pap. That is a good thing! We are praying that he'll stay on the c-pap.
He's having some trouble with eating still. He's not keeping it down all of the time and some of the residual is discolored. So, they're going to give him a break from eating and then try again.
Well, that's about it. :)

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Annie said...

I know with all the trips to the hospital and trying to do things at home and work that you both are feeling very tired and stressed out.
Don't forget to make time for each other even its just sitting somewhere counting your blessings. You do have a lot of those you know. Strong prayer warriors, wonderful family and friends that are there for you whenever you need them. Noah is a little champ and will be running around before you know it. Love Grandma Ann