Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tiny Setback

Noah had to have his breathing tube put back in yesterday. He stopped breathing several times. The nurse calls it premature apnea. He's not neurologically ready to breath so he just forgets, especially when he's tired from fighting an infection. He does have fluid and bacteria in his lungs, which they are giving him medicine for. He also received more blood today and caffeine.
His head ultrasound came back ok. There were no changes, so it's stable.
The nurse told me today that he looked like he was feeling better. I'm praying his lungs will be healed quickly. (I want to hold him again!) :)


Rachel White said...

Keep fighting little Noah!

You are loved!

Dan said...

We continue to pray with you and for you!
If He cares for the birds of the air, think HOW MUCH He cares for you and your Noah!
You are on our minds and in our prayers throughout every day!

Cath said...

Hoping he recovers soon from this setback!

Annie said...

According to updates received by Jennifer on 02/15/2007 Noah was improving. This shows that prayers are being answered and miracles are happening with this little angel of ours.

Love ya Noah.

Grandma Ann

Annie said...

Babies are a gift indeed
And a blessing from the Lord
This little life sent down to us
We so easily adore
Although the task ahead of you
May seem so very hard
With faith placed in God each day
He will strengthen your weary heart

Love, Grandma Ann

FernandoDownUnder said...

Hang in there Noah, you've got hundreds of people praying for you!

Hang in there Mom and Dad, we're praying for you too! This has to be harder for you than it is for Noah.