Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rough morning

As soon as I went in to the room today the nurse was trying to get Noah to breath more and all of the alarms were going off. The doctor was there and said she was just about to call me. "We've had a rough morning," she said. Noah's kidneys are not working properly. She thought something was wrong yesterday when his potassium level was high. She said this morning he wasn't moving as much as he normally does. His blood pressure is low and she thinks he has an infection. So, they're giving him an antibiotic for the infection and demorol for the blood pressure. Now, after telling me all of this she said she can't stay and talk because she has other patients to see. She told me to come back later because she'll be there all night and to ask the nurse if I had any questions. I tried my best not to burst into tears, but I couldn't help it. I wanted to stay strong for Noah, but I just got so scared. Through my tears and sobs, I managed to tell him that Mommy loves him and everything was going to be ok. It's even harder to hear news like that because EVERYONE around can hear what the doctor is saying and then can see me crying. I didn't care though, I just let them fall. The nurse said the medicine will help. His blood pressure will be stabilized and will allow more blood to flow to his kidneys. He's so tired now that he's letting the ventilator do all of his breathing. His rate was up to 65% and the machine was giving him 20 breaths a minute. Last week the rate was 21% (which is great, it's what we breath) and he was only given 10/min.
Steven and I are going back up there to talk to the doctor. Hopefully she will be able to explain a little more and answer our questions.
If you read this, please continue to pray for his strength and healing. Love you all!


LauraHastings said...

I am praying for you guys like crazy. I know that God is holding all of you. You are stronger than you know, and I admire you so much.
Love you guys! -Laura

Joseph said...

Jen that is an incredible picture, do you mind if I submit that to a photography forum I subscribe to?

I am PRAYING as hard as I have ever prayed in my entire life for my little nephew as well as my little sister and Steven.

Remember, even the smallest prayers whispered in the most violent of storms is heard by God.

Joseph said...

joejennifer said...

jen! I'm passing out noah's website to everyone who works with me. I know noah is going to be fine. He's tough like his grandpa.

love dad