Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Bed.

Today Noah got moved into a isolette. There were a few other notable event's for Noah today. The nurses fed him his first breast milk. Assuming all goes well they . Also our little guy has grown half an inch since birth, but unfortunately he's lost about 3 ounces in weight. The nurses assure us that this is perfectly normal, but we can't wait to see him starting to get some fat on him. I also included a picture of Mom next to his new bed. If you would like to see some photo's click here.


Cath said...

Thankyou for taking the time to visit Coreys website.
The whole preemie thing is a massive rollercoaster ride with so many twists and turns but it does get easier. I'll be following Noahs progress avidly! Seems like he's doing well!
Take Care
Cath & Corey xx

Rachel White said...

Thank you guys so much for creating this blog! I pray for Noah everyday. I thank God for every minute, hour, day that he is breathing and growing stronger. I'll spread the word about the blog so everyone can learn about Noah's story!

Love- "Aunt Momma Rack"

Lisa*Phil said...

You are in our prayers! What a blessing, he's adorable, keep your heads up and know that God is with all of you. I know the angels are keeping him safe. If there is anything Phil or I can do for you please let us know.


Lisa and Phil Harris

Tricia Hopkins-Baker said...

steve! congratulations on noah. i'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Joel said...

Hey kids...we look forward to reading about Noah's daily progress and his formal debut at the Vidoop offices. The little guy's going to be a rocket scientist, mark my words! I want to buy him his first computer, by the way! Best wishes from Joel, Tracey, Clay and Leo Norvell.

Annie said...


Everyone here at work is praying for Noah. He is a very strong baby, (just like his Mom and Dad)
His grandma can't wait to hold him and spoil him rotten. Thru God all things are possible, keep the post going. Love, Grandma Ann

joejennifer said...

man! gett'n bigger. I hope that weight starts up soon. I can't wait to hold him to. Noah and grandpa are gonna go fishing.

love grandpa hall