Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well, we talked to the doctor. The medications helped! His kidneys are doing better, his blood pressure is better, and his breathing is better. We won't know where the infection is until a few days from now. They took cultures from his lungs and blood. Also, she said they did the ultra sound of his brain today and his clot is SMALLER and there is no swelling!!! The doctor said she was very pleased. We were so excited to hear that! Now we're praying that the tests come back fine. He looked so much better this afternoon. He was feisty again.
It was alarming to hear the doctor say she was really scared this morning. But I am thankful that she can be so real with us. I asked her if there was a chance his bleed will get smaller and she said, "oh yes, it will get better." She is a good doctor. We were also told that at this age there is nothing they can do if the kidneys fail. I am glad the medications are working and I pray they continue to work.
Thank you all so much for praying!


Auntie Judy said...

God Bless our little Noah, Jenny and Stephen. He is a little miracle and a tough little guy. Mine and Uncle Billy's prayers are with you. Love to you both

Dan said...

Hi Guys, Connie and I got back in town this week and were thrilled to be able to get the daily updates on Noah! Even while we were in Jamaica we prayed for Noah everyday! We continue to pray for him and believe God has something great in store for him!
Keep the Faith!

Auntie Judy said...

I talked to Cindy tonight and she also sends her love for the precious little one. We will both continue to monitor these daily updates. Thanks so much for letting everyone know. Love to you

adopted aunt vicki s said...

I have been praying for Noah and his mommy and daddy. you all are very special. Keep up your spirits. God is watching over you all. Sometimes we do have to shed some tears so that our windows are cleaned and we can see the next miracles. You all are doing a wonderful job. We love you all and Noah feels our prayers too!