Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Under the weather, again

Noah is still on the ventilator from the surgery. They tried to take him off a few times, but he couldn't make it. Today we found out the reason. He has pneumonia. His lungs are full of two different kinds of bacteria. So, they're giving him two antibiotics that will last at least seven days. Tomorrow they're going to put a pic-line in because IV's are not staying in very long. He seemed to be feeling better today than he did yesterday. It's really hard seeing him with a tube in his mouth. I can tell that he hates it.
I am glad though, that we know why he's having a hard time and now it can be treated. Thank you Jesus for medicine and doctors and nurses!
Please continue to pray for his strength! Love you all!


Rachel White said...

Keep on fighting little Noah!

Gina 'Gearhart' Kurtz said...

We're praying hard that God continues to work through all of this! Here is a post that was on Noah's Facebook group:

Colleen I Skead (no network) wrote
at 9:57pm on April 8th, 2007
Your son is beautiful!!! I too know how hard it is to have a premature baby. My son was born too early also and weighed 1 lbs 8 oz or 693gr. He was 13 inches long. I got him home only after 58 days in the hospital... There truly are miracles out there!!! He now is 6 months old and weighs only 9 lbs 3oz. Noah is strong everything will work out beautifully for him!!!