Friday, April 27, 2007


He came home Thursday! He's doing fine. He is still on oxygen. That was a little scary at first but it doesn't seem so bad now. He has to stay home for a while, which is normal. He does have plenty of Dr's appointments though. He has to see an opthalmologist, pediatrician, the pediatric surgeon that repaired his hernias, a home health nurse that comes to the house, and an occupational therapist. So, we'll be busy for a while, but it is so worth it to have him home!


FernandoDownUnder said...


michelle said...

oh my goodness...i'm just about to call you...can't wait to see him without all the tubes!

Gina 'Gearhart' Kurtz said...

God is AMAZING! We're still praying for you guys!! We're so happy for you!

Dan said...

Congratulations, Guys!
I know it's been a hard, long road.
But now you get to truly enjoy that precious boy!
God is good!

Rachel White said...

That is such great news. When everything settles a little I would love to come see him and you all. If you need help with anything, you know i'm just a few blocks away!

Much Love,

Rachel White said...

Has he had an explosive spit up on you again Steven??? hahahaha... They mean it when they say "make sure he burps".

Cath said...

So happy for you that he is home!!