Monday, April 16, 2007

Excellent News!

Noah is doing great! He pulled out his breathing tube the night before last so they put him on the C-pap. Now he is on the canula. Today the nurse said he was so upset last night and today. So I was able to hold him when I got there. He was sound asleep in my arms. The nurse said he hasn't slept like that for her all day. She even had to give him some medicine to calm him down. I just called the night nurse and she said that he ate ALL of his last two feedings by mouth in less than 15 minutes! She said that and wanting to be held by mom was probably what was making him upset. Now he is sleeping well and not fussy. Yay! Daddy is in California now on a business trip so we both miss him terribly! But he will be back soon to see his little one doing so much better! :) Thank you ALL for your prayers!


Steven (Dad) said...

Daddy is comming home soon!

FernandoDownUnder said...

Yay Yay Yay Noah!

Cath said...

What a little trooper!
Glad he is doing well