Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm really struggling with bitterness lately. Yes, I'm aware that I have plenty of things to be thankful for. But. I get so frustrated hearing people complain about things that don't matter. I know it's not fair to feel that way, they didn't cause my life to be like this, so I shouldn't expect everyone else who isn't hurting to be happy 100% of the time. Still, it bothers me. I'm just bitter. That's what Satan wants. He wants me to be bitter. Someday I am going to have to make a decision to throw that bitterness and despair away and give it to God. I feel like I can't let go of it right now. I'm not saying I feel this way all of the time, just moments throughout the day. Maybe this is a normal process in my grief journey. I know God won't give up on me.

Tuesday of this week I attended a life celebration service for a wonderful woman of God, Leta. She and her husband were Noah's Sunday School teachers when he was 3 and 4 years old. She taught my son about God and now they are together in the presence of Him. My pastor said a few things that I don't want to forget. His daughter Tish went to Heaven several years ago in a car accident. He said when people apologized for his loss he would have to say that he didn't lose his daughter, he knew where she was. She is in Heaven. I still can't say that Noah died. How could he have died if he is living in Heaven? I just can't say "dead." I don't believe it to be true in that sense. Pastor Norm also told the family of Leta that sometimes they will have a glimpse of Heaven, the veil will be pulled away for just a second. I know what he's talking about. The rainbow picture I found, the little things that Theo says, things that I find of Noah's, and other things that are too special to me to share -- all glimpses of Heaven. You could also call them blessings from God. See, if Pastor Norm says that we will experience those things, then I am not crazy!

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Julie said...

Jenny, dear. Missing you. thank you for your raw and honest post about bitterness. It can creep in. So great that you recognize it should not take up residence in your heart for long, as indeed, that is what the enemy wants. And I love what you said about Noah not being "dead" and how hard that is to say when you know where he is and that he is LIVING! That is the promise and hope we hold on to until we can be with our precious little ones that departed before us. I always think in a way, they are "lucky" (really don't like that word, but you know what I mean) They got to go first and experience the joy and beauty of our eternal residence. Soon and very soon, honey. I have not been reading your blog. I'll go back a bit, but would like to know if you have an answer yet. Love to you, Julie